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About Me

This is the author website of Stephen Prime. Novels, short stories and poetry, most of which a little dark and/or humorous. Thanks for reading.

I am an unashamedly self-conscious bipedal humanoid who can trace his evolution all the way back to an insignificant cluster of living cells that came from a random formation of cosmic gas and dust. I was assembled in Yorkshire, England but now live in Tokyo, Japan. Identifying marks include a huge scar just above my right wrist, which I got from a particularly rough game of Thundercats when I was a kid, and an aura of insecure arrogance. I was born angry and and my lack of faith in the future of the human race leads me to constant despair. I despise apathy and environmental destruction in all its forms. My work has been previously published in Dark Mountain, New Writing, The Vein, Randomly Accessed Poetics, Synchronized Chaos and Aesthetica amongst other places and rejected by many many more.

IRL I have a PhD and am an Associate Professor of English Literature and Applied Linguistics. I live with my partner, son and big dog. I like cooking, whisky, walks in the park and staring endlessly into the digital vortex.